Back home

Weer thuis na een prachtige vakantie. Vier weken rondgevaren, voornamelijk langs de Belgische kust en op de Oosterschelde. Ik heb een vakantie logboek bijgehouden. En natuurlijk ook een beetje zitten plakken en knippen. Het paard dat jullie zien is getekend door mijn dochter van 11. / Back home after a terrific holiday. For four weeks we have been sailing along the Belgian coast and in the south of The Netherlands, mainly on the Oosterschelde. I made notes every day in our holiday logbook. Of course I have also cutted and glued a bit. The horse you see has been made by my 11 year old daughter. The holiday was super and now it's good to be back home. And I'm curious to be hearing from all of you again and enjoying your beautiful crafts.

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  1. Jose - I love your collage and the story of your wonderful holiday (lucky you). Please tell your daughter her horse is FANTASTIC. She is a real artist.
    I'm so happy you are back at Blogland. We've missed you!
    Cheers from Marie (Ozstuff).